Escalator and Moving Walk: elegant & quiet, comfortable & safety

KOYO escalator has reliable safety and advance technology, which makes KOYO can keep promise of taking responsible for users and providing comfortable short stay for the passengers under the noisy weary way.

KOYO escalator, relying on strong and advanced technology, which can provide a variety of specifications of products for users both at home and abroad. Optional Step width are 600mm, 800mm and1000mm, maximum operating speed up to 0.75m/s and maximum lifting height is 25 meters. Handrail lighting, step lighting and decorative plate also have multiple choices, which make not only unique personality but also allow the escalator naturally into the surrounding environment.

KOYO indoor and outdoor escalators installed in lots of subways, stations, terminal buildings, hotels and shopping centers, Its excellent quality and elegant design can not only make passengers feel comfortable and relaxed ,but also let gorgeous business environment looks more beautiful.